How to fix the wireless issues caused by Mac OS X 10.5.3

My wireless network was working fine until I upgraded to 10.5.3. It has gone haywire, dropping connection every couple of minutes and has rendered my internet connection useless. This problem has continued to 10.5.4.

Now I had fixed the problem on my iMac without reinstall the MAC OS X.
Some old setting files created by 10.5.2 and earlier caused this problem.
Here is the way to fix it.
Important: Some settings of your Mac OS X will be lost, so have a backup for your files is recommended (at least backup the “/Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences” Folder). To learn more about this, see technical document HT1553, “How to back up and restore your files”(the methods: Manual backup).

1. Go to folder: “/Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences”
2. Find file: “”, delete it (backup it before you delete)
3. Restart your Mac.

Your wireless should be OK now.
(This document from

In Chinese:

如何解决苹果Mac OS X 10.5.3补丁造成Mac电脑无线网络掉线?

自从我把我的Mac OS X升级到10.5.3以后,无线网络就出问题了。

但是我知道重装Mac OS X的话可以解决这个问题,于是可以肯定是设置的问题,那么解决方法自然就是删除出问题的设置文件。

在删除配置文件之前,一定要备份你的重要资料!具体方法请参见技术文档HT1553, “How to back up and restore your files”(只要看手动备份的部分就OK了)


1. 找到这个目录: “/Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences”
2. 找到这个文件: “”, 删除 (删掉前记得备份一下)
3. 重启你的Mac


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