Dose LG on Macbook Pro with Retina Display really that bad?

I and my company had bought & exchanged about 11 rMBPs, 9 of them have LG displays, 2 of them have Samsung displays.

So, dose the LG display really have IR problem? (This is also referred to as “image persistence,” “image retention”, “burn-in”, or “ghosting.”)

The answer is YES.

The 9 rMBPs with LG display all have IR problem. Some of them will show in only 3~5 minuets, the others happen in 10+ minuets, and the best LG I have which happen after an image stay still for about 20+ minuets. So for me, I can say 100% rMBP with LG display have IR problem.

But, dose the LG really so bad?

My opinion would be: NO. In some cases, LG AH-IPS is better than Samsung Super PLS.

Here are two MBPRs, The Left one is a Samsung Display, and the right one is a LG display. Both of them are set to max brightness.


As you can see, the Samsung one is a little bit warmer(yellow) than the LG one. Also, the LG has better contrast. But the Samsung has better brightness.

And about the response time, I think the AH-IPS is better than the Super PLS, too.

Here is the test result for LG:


Here is the Samsung’s result:

I am not making any calculation, but it looks like LG’s response time is little bit faster.

Additionally, here is an user comparing his/her Samsung and LG display viewing angle on Facebook:

However, I can’t help but notice that its no where near as good as the LG when it comes to the viewing angle. I noticed that immediately when I first saw my new Samsung display as I walked across the room. I’m not sure about color shift, but the perceived screen brightness seems to noticeably change outside of about 20 degrees (10 degrees left + 10 degrees right). That may be the reason why Apple prefers the LG (IPS) over the Samsung (PLS), because although they didn’t advertise the “feature” of image retention, they did claim the wide viewing angle.

So, What do you think? Do you still want to exchange your LG display?

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